Number one parking solutions

07 January 2022
Amara Kashif


Number one parking solutions

Parking is a work of art and convenient parking paves a way for better services, and hence, attracts more customers. There are unlimited ideas for making parking more convenient and as for the top ones, simplyture surely provides number one parking solutions which are both customer and budget-friendly. These parking solutions provide security and ease, not only to the customers but also to the facility and increase the number of people using the parking which can help to generate high earning and attract more customers towards the facility. Different solutions are used for different purposes. A few of them are described as follows:

Security solutions

For security purposes, simplyture suggests the usage of cameras that use license plate recognition when cars enter and exit the parking facility and hence, help to improve the security of the facility while keeping a check on the cars that use the parking facility.


Increased earnings

These high-quality cameras are available at simplyture at an affordable price and are easy to maintain which keeps the operating cost low and helps to increase the profits. Not only this, but these high-quality materials available on simplyture also pave way for a more suitable parking system which attracts more customers and increases the income. Moreover, simplyture also suggests charging less when the facility is empty to attract more customers and charging more when the facility is full and busy. This would also help to increase the income.


Customer-friendly solutions

Simplyture suggests that setting up tablets with pieces of information in the parking facility can make it easier for customers to understand the parking system. It gives them an opportunity to be self-reliant. It makes management very easy as all they need to do is type in their license plates and the system will manage their parking. This also provides access to customer behaviour which can be tracked and the data can be used wisely in the admin platform. Using simplyture is also very suitable for parking solutions as it becomes very convenient for the customers as the freeflow smart parking system allows fast entry & exit even during peak hours with license plate recognition.


Therefore, it is understandable to say that simplyture provides the number one parking solutions to make parking more convenient and easy.

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